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Gel nail extensions, Gel polish, Warrington

Hand & Foot Treatments

Throughout my experience as a therapist I have found The Gel Bottle inc & Orly gel FX to be the most durable gel polish, as a result of this I offer both brands throughout my nail treatments. All foot treatments are carried out in a private room on luxurious massage couches.

Gel Polish (Shellac) £21 

Gel Polish Fingers & Toes together £40

File & Polish £10 

Manicure £16

Luxury Manicure £21

Pedicure £25 

Pedicure & gel polish £32.50

Luxury Pedicure £30


*Gel polish (shellac) removal is free of charge when having a new set applied only if originally applied by us otherwise a £5 charge will be added for removal prior to application.

A removal of shellac and tidy service without re-application is available for shellac we have applied only for £10*


Builder Gel Polish

Using the fabulous The Gel Bottle inc products.
Similar to Shellac in application, however a builder gel is used to add strength to the nail. Soaks off very easily with no damage to the natural nail. Durable, flexible and long lasting.
Natural nail £23.50

Gel Nail Extensions with tips

Using the fabulous The Gel Bottle Inc products.

Here at The Little Waxing & Beauty Company we are focusing on nail health. Out with the damaging acrylic nails and in with the nail friendly gels. Flexible but remains strong, more natural look & speedy removal.

Gel nail extensions with tips £27

Infills & Regel £23.50

Infills with nail replacements £24.50

Infills 3+ weeks £27

Nail repair £2.50 per nail


*We do not offer removal for any acrylic or hard gel application not applied by us under any circumstances*

(Please note we are not yet offering sculpted nails or ombre nails)

Mo you Nail Stamping

MoYou nail stamping

£0.40p per nail

Elim Medi Heel Callus removing treatment
Callus removing treatment for silky soft feet.
Medi Heel Treatment
The Medi heel solution is applied, hard callused skin is then scraped away and a foot file is used to buff off any remaining dead skin to reveal beautiful soft feet. An application of moisturising cream is then applied to complete the treatment £20  Add cuticle work and file for an extra £5
Summer Feet : Full pedicure including the Medi heel £30 with gel polish £39