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Semi permanent Lashes & Lash Lift

Semi-Permanent Cashmere Lashes

Softer and more luxurious than other brands. Look and feel like natural eye lashes. Last several months with regular tidy up treatments approx every 2 weeks.

Full Set £40

Infill £25

Lash Lift & Tint

Semi permanent curl and tint to the natural lash that lasts up to 8 weeks. £29

Add a few semi permanent lashes for extra definition + £10

Lash lift & HD Brows £49

HD Brows

Brow tint and defined shape £25
Customised HD tint, perfect brow measurement, precision waxing using the HD wax system, threading, tweezing, trimming, regrowth programme for perfect brows.

Eye lash tint £10
Brow tint £6

Brow tint & wax £15

Eye Package: Lash tint , brow tint, brow shape £24


**Important information: You must have a patch test 48 hours before your first lash lift, tint or semi perm lashes treatment with us. We also can no longer perform these treatments during pregnancy**